custom 2014 wall calendar

Every year for the past three years, I have put a Kate Spade wall calendar on my Christmas list. It has been one of my favorite gifts and one that graced my office wall with pride. This year, however, inspired by all the DIYers whose blogs I’ve been fawning over, I decided to make my own calendar. I wanted something that felt as fun as my Kate Spade calendars but that I could create myself. I was so excited to find the Project Life – Sunshine Edition scrapbook paper used in the colorful advent at A Beautiful Mess and was initially going to use it for my own advent calendar. However, since Allie is a little young to appreciate it, I opted to save the idea for a future year and use my paper for something I could appreciate now. Like a 2014 wall calendar!

Before I started I needed a few additional supplies, so I popped over to Michael’s. And oh my craftiness—there are so many craft supplies out there! I am clearly new to this world, because I was totally overwhelmed. But I managed to pick up the remaining items I needed for my calendar and headed home to get to work. All in all, here are the supplies I used:

  • 13 sheets of double-sided 12×12″ scrapbook paper (I cut them to 10×12″)
  • 2 sheets of black 12×12″ cardstock (cut to 10.5×12″)
  • 28 gold split rings
  • 12 calendar months printed from iCal
  • 12 photo pages of family/Allie pics
  • Paper cutter
  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape (primitive, I know)
  • Glitter alphabet stickers
  • Glitter chevron ribbon
  • Ruler

I started by sorting the scrapbook pages into an order in which they complemented each other and at least somewhat fit the month. Then I cut all the paper to better fit the calendar pages I had printed, with the black covers slightly longer than the month pages. I had created 12 pages of photos (this took time, truth be told) and printed them on some photo paper we had lying around. I used double-sided tape to stick on all the photo pages and calendar pages and to attach the first and last months to the covers. I decorated the front cover with some of the alphabet letters and a piece of the ribbon.

With all my pages prepped and ordered, I punched three holes across the top of each page for the main gold rings, then I wound the rings gently through the holes of each page. Here is where I got a little gold-ring happy, when I remembered I needed a way to attach the calendar to the wall. I wanted to distribute the weight of the calendar evenly to avoid page-tearing, so I punched three holes across the bottom of each page but only wound the gold rings through the front cover. I looped the remainder of the gold rings in the package together from each main ring, ending up with one ring at the top that will be hung on a nail on our wall come January! I’ll loop future months through the bottom gold rings as we move to each new month.

The whole project took me maybe 2-3 hours, which flew by while I caught up on our saved episodes of Project Runway, Top Chef, and White Collar (yay for sleeping babies!). It is far from perfect (I replaced the scissors with a paper cutter a little late in the game), but I love all the bright colors and patterns of the scrapbook pages and of course all the pictures of Allie! For my first real DIY project in a long time, I’m very happy with it, but I hope to come up with some cooler ideas in the future.



9 thoughts on “custom 2014 wall calendar

  1. This turned out AMAZING! I know what I’m giving everyone in my family next year for Christmas! I especially like the chain that holds it up- that is such a great idea!

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