the weekly cute: six months

It’s been another cold and snowy week here, but we’ve managed to make it out a few times. Including for Allie’s six-month appointment! I cannot believe she is half a year old. Even though I spend practically every second with her and I’ve taken approximately 10,000 pictures since she was born, I feel like I’ve already missed out on her childhood. A bit of reflection on parenthood thus far:

  1. I never realized the extent of my trust and control issues until I became a parent. Oh, and the anxiety. That’s a fun one, too. I am pretty sure I will never stop worrying about stuff.
  2. Sleep is essential! I know this, because I don’t get enough of it, and I am not the same cheery and energetic girl I once was. Apologies to my loved ones who have borne the brunt of my sleep-deprivation-induced short fuse.
  3. Daily I am amazed by how much I love my little girl. Or maybe just amazed at how amazing she is. So much love.

Anyway, onto some photos from this past week:


3 thoughts on “the weekly cute: six months

    • That is rough. I hope she at least lets you sleep from time to time! I have a hard time napping or going to bed early once mine is asleep because I want to squeeze in some semblance of a life. Oh sigh.

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