fabulous finds

Time for the round-up of a few of the wonderful things I’ve discovered this past week!


  • DIY baby ornament: I have to allot my free time wisely these days, but I think this project might be worth it. Ben and I have a tradition of getting one new ornament each year, and I love the idea of creating one to celebrate Allie joining our family. Very sweet and simple!
  • DIY tulle skirt: I come across a lot of DIY projects that would be nice to make, but this goes on my need to make list. Beautiful!



  • The Organizing Store: As anyone with an Erin Condren planner can attest, it is so much easier to stay organized when your tools for doing so are pretty. Enter The Organizing Store (introduced to me by, appropriately, Jen of IHeart Organizing). Just go and browse and love. So much beauty!
  • WE’VE Built (intro’d by Sparkling Footsteps): The concept behind WE’VE Built is so awesome. Users work with artisans/designers to create new products, then once an item has enough pre-orders, the artisan gets to work making it, keeping you apprised of the progress. Such a cool idea!
  • Sesame Gifts: Okay, if you have read my blog at all, you know that I won’t shut up about the idea of surprise boxes. Sesame Gifts facilitates sending themed gift sets by packaging and sending the box of your choice to your recipient. They even work with experts and users to curate and create new boxes! I love it! Also, Sesame’s vision aligns so completely with my own: “We believe happiness comes from experiences.” Thanks to Damsel in Dior for the introduction!


And for good measure…

More gift guides, of course! Just two, though. (Side note: My list of gift guides came too soon, because there have been so many other amazing gift guides come out since then!) These gift guides from The Vault Files are awesome!:

Lastly, I also want to give a shout out to American Crafts: I had a bit of a product issue this week, and their amazingly helpful customer service went above and beyond to remedy the situation. I didn’t even know they existed a week ago and now I’m a devoted customer!


8 thoughts on “fabulous finds

  1. Oh yay! Thanks for the shout out. Those tees are amazing. I want PA (where I grew up) and TX (where I live now). I’ve heard really good things about them too! Jumping over to check out the Erin Condren planner now, this might be what I need in the New Year for getting more organized!

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