oh snow you didn’t (and more ramblings)


Have you seen The Day After Tomorrow? You know (spoiler alert) once the world freezes over and everything is white and snowy? That’s what it looks like outside. We went for a walk around the block with our Bob stroller yesterday, and it was basically like we were pushing Allie through arctic terrain. What is crazy is that it’s like this in places like Alabama and Texas, too! Even worse, since they don’t have the snow-plowing capabilities to cope! Insanity!

  • Days of the week songs: Word on the street is that Rebecca Black has a new song titled, of course, Saturday. Ben thought it important to play it for me in its entirety this morning, and I gotta be honest, I prefer Friday. Follow-up confession: I actually really loved Friday, for all its cheesiness, and still listen to it happily from time to time. Song’s catchy, dangit!
  • Grammar: Time to come clean: In the past, I have been guilty of correcting other people’s grammar. As it turns out, I find this habit to be incredibly annoying and have tried to stop doing it. Especially considering I make grammar mistakes sometimes, too. A friend posted this article the other day about the mistakes people make when writing about common grammar errors. One of my favorite excerpts: “Sure, it’s useful to know when to use who and whom, but it’s probably more useful to know that saying To whom did you give the book? in casual conversation will make you sound like a pompous twit.” So hilarious and true. The premise of the whole article is basically to ease up, because the rules are not always as hard and fast as we like to think. Plus, as a writer (of this blog, but also in my job), I like to have the artistic freedom to throw the rules out the window every now and then. Sentence fragments for the win!
  • Box reviews: Okay, so I love reading all the subscription box reviews of the bloggers who write them, and I guess I’m wondering if there’s a need for more of it? That is, should I start reviewing my boxes? Just an idea I’m contemplating. Stay tuned, I guess.
  • P90x3: Anyone who knew us in 2010-2011 will remember how Ben and I became devoted P90xers. I have never been an incredibly athletic individual (proof: Other girls told me “don’t bother” at basketball tryouts in high school), but out of a desire to get fit, I started P90x with Ben and became addicted. It felt awesome to be so healthy and in shape, but then work got super busy and somehow we stopped working out regularly. Flash forward two-ish years and a few remaining pregnancy pounds, and I am ready to feel fit again. Except now, they’re about to come out with P90x3, which has all the awesomeness and Tony Horton-ness of P90x but in workouts of only 30 minutes a day! Somehow that just seems more doable, ‘spesh with the little one to watch, so I think we may get it once it comes out tomorrow! Actually really excited! I’ve missed Tony.
  • LinkedIn skill endorsements: I know I ranted about LinkedIn already recently, but I have another rant. I looked on there the other day and saw that all these people have endorsed me for skills they have no knowledge of me using. As in, a friend I haven’t seen in 10 years who endorsed me for “social media marketing”—I mean, hey, I totally appreciate it. But really, how would you know? I think these skill endorsements are LinkedIn’s version of Facebook likes.
  • Facebook (and Instagram) likes: On that note, doesn’t it seem like the value of a like has decreased? As Ben pointed out recently, a like these days is less of an “I like this” and more of an “I read this.” Comments, on the other hand, take a real commitment.

Also, I’m trying something new (for me) with the whole me photo up top, obviously inspired by all the bloggers who document their fabulous outfits each day. Not sure mine is on par with other fabulousness out there, but here’s the lowdown: red v-neck sweater, Zara; Michael Stars wrap, November POPSUGAR box*; black jeans, ASOS; green Sperry rainboots, Nordstrom (no recollection on the sunglasses or necklace, sorry).

A late happy Monday to all!

* My referral link


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