custom recipe book + supply box

Absolutely Extraordinary recipe book

I am by no means a master chef. I pin and read blogs with amazing-looking recipes, but when it comes to actually making food, I usually default to spaghetti or taco salad. However, there are a few special recipes I’ve found over the years—through family, the internet, or random experimentation—that have become our little family’s favorites.

When a dear friend got married recently, I tried to think of something I would have wanted when Ben and I got married, and I realized that even now I don’t have all my go-to recipes in one place. SO I decided to remedy this situation and in the process create a custom wedding gift for one of my very best friends!


I gathered 28 of our favorites and sorted them into categories. Then I created a recipe book template in Adobe InDesign (my beloved 8×8″ size, naturally). The time-consuming part was copying all the recipe text or typing it up, then editing everything for typos and consistency. I really wanted to include photos, but I was too impatient to wait the time it would take to make each dish and take pictures, so I went with recipes (and the occasional helpful hint) only, at least for this first version.

Absolutely Extraordinary recipe book

Once it was complete, I uploaded jpegs of each page (also time consuming) to Shutterfly, and had it printed up as a photo book! Before I shipped it off to my friend, I took a few pictures of the end product, then packaged it up with a few less-common kitchen tools (spaetzle maker, melon baller, cheese cloth, and citrus juicer) required in some of the recipes in the book.

kitchen supplies

And now that all the hard parts are done, I can eventually add pictures and adapt the idea for future gifts! Yay!


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