the weekly cute round-up

First off, just want to acknowledge Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day—to honor both those who died that day and those who fought in the ensuing war. Growing up in Hawaii, I always felt the significance of this day keenly. As with Veterans Day and Memorial Day, December 7 is a time to feel grateful for our loved ones and those who help keep them and us safe!

And my loved ones are, of course, the subject of today’s post! This week has been so cold and snowy, we haven’t really ventured out. Lots of hot cocoa (me) and playmat time (Allie) for us. It’s been filled with Christmas music and showing Allie her first Christmas tree! She loves looking up at the lights. Yesterday we finally got around to taking our family pictures (thanks to my mom!) and ordering Christmas cards! Not entirely confident I’ll manage to get them out before Christmas. Oh well. New mom excuse and all.

Anyway, here are the photo highlights of the week:

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


2 thoughts on “the weekly cute round-up

  1. Leilani loves having her arms wide open too! She sleeps like that and takes up so much room in her crib and on our bed. I’m really impressed that she is also smiling in your Christmas photos. We were not so lucky with our Christmas photos.

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