things i love thursday

Happy Thursday! I am loving a lot today. The Christmas season is in full swing, I’m feeling very inspired and invigorated, and I’m just generally feeling the love. A few specifics include the following lovely things:

  • Today’s date: It was exactly five years ago today (tonight) that Ben and I met at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. So for those of you still unattached, if you get an invite this season to a party like this, GO. Just in case.
  • Snow!: I think the last time I was around this much snow was Snowmageddon (or maybe Commutageddon) back in VA. But this was Allie’s first real snow, and while her reaction basically consisted of just staring at the snow, I tell myself she loves it. We haven’t spent a ton of time out in the whiteness (especially not today, as it is ONE DEGREE FAHRENHEIT), but I love looking out the window at the snow while I sip hot chocolate (in my hoodie, of course) and feel warm.


  • The Paradise: Attention, all Downton Abbey fans: If you haven’t started watching The Paradise, DO IT. Even if you don’t watch Downton, if you tend to like the BBC variety of shows, watch this one! My mom is the one who introduced me, and I’m hooked! You can watch all but the last episode of Season 1 here. Season 2 hasn’t yet aired in the U.S., but you can watch it on the BBC UK website. Then once you watch it, tell me, so we can talk about it!
  • Landfill Dogs: I saw this on an ABC news “America Strong” segment last night. This photographer, Shannon Johnstone, takes pictures of shelter dogs who are older and less likely to be adopted, but she captures their sweet and playful natures in a way that people get interested and adopt them. I love animals, and it breaks my heart to see these sweet older creatures without homes because everyone wants a puppy or a kitten. Therefore, I love this project!
  • Travel flats: As a girl on the taller side (5’9″), I own a lot of flats. Plus, especially since having a baby, on the comfort−fashion spectrum, I tend to lean more toward the comfort these days. But what I don’t have yet is a set of travel flats. See, these are genius, because I can wear those heels or slightly iffy boots, but if things don’t work out, I just bust out the tiny bag of shoes in my purse! I already recommended the CitySlips Glitter-Toe travel flats in my holiday gift guide, but I just found another pair of travel flats on sale at Neiman Marcus. They even come with a satin bag for storing heels while you wear the flats! I am loving this idea!
  • Luvocracy: Okay, so we already have Pinterest and The Prowl, but this is another share-buy concept I’m loving (or luving) right now. The way it works is you follow trusted “tastemakers” to find new and fun products, or you can do the sharing, and when you or someone else buys a product from a recommendation, the sharer gets points. But, that’s not all. The price you see listed is the most you’ll pay for a given product, and Luvocracy will scour the web for the best price and, if a lower one is available, they’ll give it to you. Learn more here. I haven’t yet created a collection of recommendations, but I will!
  • Surprise packages: I don’t know why they are so fun, but I love getting things in the mail that are complete surprises. Hence my love of subscription boxes, which, for the most part, are total surprises when they arrive. I don’t look at spoilers for any of them, because the excitement of opening something unknown is almost better than the actual goodies. I suppose this is one of the reasons Christmas is so exciting.. And it may come as a shock, but I actually love giving just as much as receiving, so I am working on a way to apply the surprise package concept in a non-Christmas setting so that I can give others that amazing feeling of getting something wonderful and totally unexpected!

I’m also loving the fact that Allie is currently napping, so time to work on my to-do list!


11 thoughts on “things i love thursday

  1. I love Downton so I’m definitely checking out that show that you recommended! Also, I got all choked up when I saw Landfill Dogs. We need more good people like that in our world.

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