my top six: newborn gear

I’m kinda liking this top six idea after last week, so let’s try a different list of faves: baby stuff. I am so completely far from being an expert or even generally knowledgeable when it comes to parenting, but there have been a few items that have been lifesavers for us since adding a third member to our little family. (This post is partially inspired by my friend Britni’s post a couple of months ago, but as every baby is different, every mom is going to have different favorite products!) It’s only been six-ish months, so this list pretty much just applies to newborns, but these are the items we have found to be essential in our day-to-day routine (apart from the real absolute essentials like Allie’s carseat and strollers):


  1. Halo Sleepsack: We have tried all sorts of swaddling blankets—the aden + anais swaddle blankets (came apart too easily, though still awesome to have as regular blankets), the Miracle Blanket (too restrictive), SwaddleMe (caused Allie to spin in her crib when she kicked, which was/is a lot)—and didn’t feel like we got it right until the Halo. We currently only have one that fits baby A, so I have to dash up to wash and dry it between naps.
  2. Sassy playmat: This was a gift from my sister, and while Allie didn’t really respond to it in her first weeks, she loves it now. This thing keeps her interested more than anything else (except maybe a walk outside), and she has so much fun grabbing everything (and, naturally, trying to eat it). It was also the place where she first rolled over, so we are very much fans!
  3. Changing table (similar here): We heard differing opinions about these from our friends—some use them, some don’t. We looked for an affordable changing table we liked, and Ben finally decided he would just rather build one. So he did, and it turned out beautifully! And we use it multiple times a day. We also of course use it to store diapers, blankets, and other equipment. Totally an essential for us!
  4. Fisher-Price bouncer: This one is pretty basic, I guess. We got ours used from a friend, and we use it daily. More than daily—several times a day. We have kept Allie’s bouncer in the kitchen so she can sit and hang with us while we eat meals. She loves kicking in it non-stop and bouncing herself, but I fear she is about to outgrow it! Kind of panicking about a replacement!
  5. Munchkin projector and sound machine: This particular sound machine is so awesome because it has so many options for sounds (white noise, waves, music) but also has the cool projector function! Truth be told we mostly use it for the white noise (as in, for all naps and nighttimes), but I like knowing it can do the other stuff just in case I need it.
  6. Ergo baby carrier: I did lots of research before registering for this carrier, and I am happy to say the Amazon reviews spoke truth! We use our Ergo almost daily. For a while I was borrowing my sister’s BabyBjorn, but the Ergo is definitely our favorite. You have to go with the style that works best for you, and we love the Ergo!

These have just been some of our favorite items, but I always love to hear what has worked for other people!


7 thoughts on “my top six: newborn gear

  1. FYI – All your links are wrong. when you leave out the HTTP it appends it to the URL of your blog (and feel free to edit this out of my comment!)

    I LOVE Clouds & Stars zip sheets. Total fanatic. I even got them for my daughter’s twin bed and when my son moves up, he’ll have them too. MUST HAVE for me.

  2. We are huge fans of white noise here! R napped in her swing until she was a year old and it had sound settings. When she transitioned to the crib we took the sound part off the swing and still use it! And that’s awesome you use an Ergo! We have one, and this is so bad to say, but we never used it! We have a Babyhawk carrier that we used sometimes but R has always hated being worn. Ergos are great because you can use them until your baby is a toddler!

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