hello, december! and other thoughts

It’s been a lovely long weekend, and somehow the fact that it is also December just feels crazy. (I know I’m a day late, but yesterday just felt like a continuation of Thanksgiving.) But December, I am happy to have you!

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And once you recover from the joyful headache induced by the above gif, let’s move on to a few thoughts occupying my mind this morning. First and foremost…

  • Christmas!: MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY!! Mine and, you know, about two billion other people’s. I am a die-hard real-tree buyer and will listen to no reason from fake-tree enthusiasts. But I suppose I will take Christmas in any form! However, I do consider Christmas to be so sacred that I will not blemish its splendor by beginning festivities before Thanksgiving. But caroling, tree decorating, present wrapping, and merriment making are now all fair game, my friends!
  • Elizabeth & Clarke: This quarterly subscription sends you designer-quality blouses (at great prices) each season, but that means waiting three months for each delivery. But at last, December has arrived! This means the winter box is en route! Can’t wait!
  • Honesty: In church yesterday, a young guy got up and talked about how he isn’t sure about his beliefs in God or the church, but he came anyway and was trying to figure it all out. It was SO refreshing to hear someone just admit that he isn’t sure, because I think way more people than like to let on feel unsure about their beliefs from time to time. I find that when it comes to religion, admitting you’re not sure is almost perceived as a sin. But we all have our moments of doubt, and dang it, that needs to be okay, okay? Off the soapbox now.
  • Food coloring: So I may or may not have ignored my mom when she suggested that the red food coloring I was using for my red velvet brownies could be toxic. Well, after some brief searching around the internet, I’m now convinced those delicious blocks of goodness will give me cancer. Not sure how to cope with this feeling—throw them out or drown my sorrows in them?
  • January shows: I don’t really live too exciting a life, and some of my small pleasures are the tv shows I follow. And I am super excited for the shows scheduled to return next month. Sherlock and The Bachelor will be welcomed with open arms (eyes?) back into my life! (Although, I am not totally sure about this season’s bachelor. Not that the show has historically been the standard of classiness in American television, but I foresee whatever classiness there is declining with this next season. Only time and devoted weekly watching will tell.)
  • Giveaways: So last week I entered a giveaway at Another mom another blog for a box of goodies, and I just found out I won!! I never win anything! Super excited!!
  • Lists: I just realized how almost every one of my posts has a list of some kind. This either means I’m just super organized or I lack the focus and attention span to write at length about one thing without jumping to a new thought after a sentence or two. A little of column A, a little of column B, perhaps?

Happy Monday/December/belated Thanksgivukkah to all!


6 thoughts on “hello, december! and other thoughts

  1. I KNOW that you are very organized! Also, I’m a big Bachelor fan too and always make Mike watch it with me. (He likes it but won’t admit it.) I really hope that Juan Pablo isn’t trashy, especially since he has a young daughter, but I think that you’re right.

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