project red velvet brownies

red velvet brownies

Ben and I are devoted red velvet fans. As in, so much so that Ben’s good friend got us 17 boxes of red velvet cake mix for our wedding. We have tried many varieties of red velvet cake and cupcakes, but nothing beyond that. Until I found this recipe for red velvet brownies. Considering our love of brownies is approximately equal to our love of red velvet, it was vital that we tried to make these. And we did!

My fault for poor planning, but when I went to make these, thinking we had all the ingredients, I didn’t realize how much red food coloring was required! I only had one little bottle of it, and the recipe called for TWO OUNCES. Of red food coloring. So we ended up with pink batter + cocoa powder, which equaled kind of a burnt brown… so basically they ended up just looking like regular brownies.

But forget the aesthetics for a minute, because these were delicious! Especially when Ben convinced me they would be improved by some cream cheese frosting*.


I made no effort to remove the crumbs from the plate before taking these pictures. I had already had a couple at this point.

Here are my final comments on this recipe:

  1. The brownies themselves tasted amazing but were a little more cakey in consistency than I would have liked.
  2. If you are a sweets fan, I highly recommend adding the cream cheese frosting. But alone they are still quite good.
  3. Plan ahead with the food coloring! Somehow they aren’t as magical in brown as in bright red.

Another pin down! I like this whole actually making things idea. Though I appear to be partial to desserts…

* I just did the recipe by taste, but it was a packet of cream cheese (8 oz.), a stick of butter (probably should have included a little less, maybe just half), 2.5 cups of powdered sugar, and 1.5 teaspoons of vanilla—mixed together in a bowl with a hand mixer. Made A TON of frosting, so I’d recommend cutting the whole recipe in half.


5 thoughts on “project red velvet brownies

  1. So glad you tried them out and loved them, and yes on the food coloring it takes tons!! I’ve actually made these with blue food coloring too! Fun! PS: I’ve make this recipe lots of times without the food coloring at all and with dark cocoa powder, yum!

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