the weekly cute round-up


Big Allie milestones of the week include the following:

  1. Giving up her third nap. After several days of her fighting this third nap, we finally realized she had outgrown it. Though just almost—she still gets tired, but she’ll only fall asleep *by accident* if we’re on the go on a walk or in the car.
  2. Wearing her sunglasses for the first time (and second and third) and not hating them!
  3. Her first Thanksgiving!
  4. ROLLING OVER! Finally! Yes, this was her first time doing it. She’s done it five or six times since, and every time she gets this half-excited, half-confused look when it’s happening. So cute. I was glad both Ben and I were sitting right there the first time she did it so we could both see!

Here are a few other pics from our week:


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