all the thanks

Let me tell you what: It is kinda hard to feel thankful when life isn’t perfect. At least it is for me. I have spent a lot of time over the last few months wishing and wanting—for more sleep, to get answers to all my parenting questions, to eliminate the uncertainty in our future, etc. But then I hear basically any story on the news, and I realize that I am the most ungrateful human alive. Because I have it good compared to SO many people in this world. And that just makes me feel so sad.

BUT it’s also a reason to be incredibly thankful! I remember feeling this way after reading Unbroken (a.k.a. most amazing story ever). My daily troubles and frustrations feel so small when I stop and look away from my own life. And all I can feel is so heart-wrenchingly grateful for every single blessing. Thanksgiving to me is about finding the happiness in our less-than-perfect lives. Thus, in lieu of writing a list of things for which I’m thankful, I just want to include a visual of some of the things that make me so happy:


HAPPY THANKSGIVING! May your meals be yummy and abundant in pie.


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