my top six: current daily essentials

Ever since we had Allie and I made the transition from purse to diaper bag, leisurely morning routine to leaving the house with wet hair (gasp, I know, the horror), my idea of essentials has changed. Actually, it is always changing based on my favorites of the moment, but there are also a few items that consistently top my need list. Just thought I’d share a few of the things I depend on these days—some long-time loves, others new flames:

  1. 32-oz. Rubbermaid water bottle: I don’t go anywhere without this thing. I got it for a few bucks at the grocery store, so nothing fancy or special, but I love that it has so much capacity, because I’m basically a water addict. If I find myself somewhere without my water bottle, I completely panic.
  2. Purlisse lip comfort: I got this as a mommy extra in the most recent Citrus Lane* box, and I’m officially obsessed. It’s super smooth and soothing alone or offers a nice base layer for lip color.
  3. Zara cardigan: I used to spend much more time assembling my outfits, but these days I just throw something together quickly, and it generally consists of leggings (of which I’ve already sung praises recently), a basic shirt, and my Zara knit cardigan. I wear this thing all the time. It keeps me surprisingly warm outside but isn’t too hot indoors, and of course it has pockets for stashing my cell phone or whatever random baby thing I need to carry around. It’s sold out now, but there’s a similar one available from ASOS.zarasweater
  4. Be Enchanted shower gel from B&BW: I discovered this through my teenage niece, so not entirely sure I’m the target audience, but I love this stuff! It’s my favorite scent at the moment and an essential part of my daily routine.
  5. Michael Stars folk art wrap: This was the hot item from the most recent POPSUGAR Must Have box*, and I find myself wearing it daily. I’m a total sucker for black & white prints, and I already own about 50 scarves/wraps, but this one just goes with everything!
  6. Adobe Creative Suite: I suppose this isn’t an item per se, but these programs (InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop in particular) are absolutely critical to my daily life! Not just in a work context, though they are essential for work, too, but for all my projects and even just general photo editing and tinkering with creative ideas—I depend on Adobe.

So these are my daily faves at the moment (not including, of course, the so-important-it-needn’t-be-mentioned iPhone). I may revisit this list another time when my flavors of the month change!

* My referral link


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