fabulous finds

I am finding that I look forward to putting this post together the most each week, because I keep finding such wonderful stuff I want to share! Here are just a few things that I’ve found this week (sorted into categories this time for easier reading):


  • DIY printable accordion tags from Sugar & Cloth: Christmas present-wrapping may be one of most favorite parts of the holidays, and I always feel lame when I just do the simple folded up piece of wrapping paper as a gift tag (which is often). But these tags, my friends, are awesome! All you really need is a color printer that can do double-sided printing and some cardstock. Yay for fabulous and free printables! Totally trying these!
  • Colorful paper advent from A Beautiful Mess: I seriously love this idea. I just love advent calendars in general, and this one has so many options for customization yet is so amazingly simple—this may have to happen over T.giving break.



  • Lyst.com and Shopstyle.com: I group these two together since they are similar concepts. Both are essentially portals that facilitate your shopping experience by pulling from multiple brands. I especially love the ShopStyle offers page that collects current deals, coupon codes, and sales from various stores.
  • Worth It (discovered through The Daybook): Worth It allows you to tag items you want buy but that are currently out of your price range, and it will alert you if/when the item goes down to your specified price point. Kind of like travel alerts for shopping. I’ve only set a couple, and we’ll see if anything gets reduced, but what a great idea!


  • Hunter Bubble Umbrella: Is the idea of spending $40 on an umbrella a little ridiculous? Maybe. But is this umbrella still fabulous? Definitely!
  • Airport code shirts from Pilot & Captain: I find it’s getting increasingly difficult to find classy yet interesting graphic tees for Ben. Most options out there are gimmicky or goofy, and he’s more a fan of the understated. I found these shirts through Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, who luckily received one in a Fancy Box* a while back. I think they are pretty cool!


Interesting & inspiring

  • The 13 Best Biographies, Memoirs, and History Books of 2013 by Maria Popova of Brain Pickings: I can always count on Brain Pickings for interesting content that, for the most part, is totally new to me. One of her best-of reading lists, this post has given me so many ideas for gifts and for my own wish list, telling me just enough info to know why I should be interested.
  • Illustrated place maps: I honestly cannot get over how cool these are. These are actually a rediscovery for me from a couple years ago, and when I found them again I was amazed all over again. Various artists submit these unique maps to They Draw & Travel, which catalogs them, provides options to buy them, and even lets you print them! One of these on canvas would be a really special way to remember a place you’ve lived or visited.

The fact that all this is just a fraction of one week’s worth of finds kind of amazes me. So much to discover, explore, and, of course, share!

* My referral link!


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