on my mind monday

It’s Monday! Yay! No, really, it’s not so bad, because it’s a short work/school week (unless you work in retail or are, say, a mom). Keeping with last Monday’s post, I’m sharing an assortment of random ramblings today. Apparently “on my mind Monday” is a thing around the interwebs (incidentally, googling this phrase introduced me to a bunch of fun new blogs!), so I’ve decided to borrow it today, and perhaps in the future. What’s on my mind today, since you’re all dying to know, is the following:

  • LinkedIn: Okay, so isn’t the idea here that you connect with people you know/have met? I’m getting all these invites from strangers, and it seems like it defeats the whole purpose. Then again, I guess this is the idea behind Facebook, too, and that doesn’t stop the creepers from friending you.photo-2
  • Risk: I haven’t played this game since childhood, but I have distinct memories of my older brother absolutely destroying me and anyone else who played him. Clearly not learning from these experiences or from my game of Set with Ben, I agreed to play Lord of the Rings Risk with Ben last night. He defeated me handily, of course (I’m the red army in the pic—go me!), but I am still in shock at how quickly he did it. I remembered this game taking at least an hour, but Ben had me killed off within 20 minutes. Either he’s just really good or I am terrible at strategy.
  • Canceled shows: Question: Who is deciding what shows stay on the air? I’m really starting to doubt their math/senses of humor, because there’s just no way it’s based on what people actually like. Granted, okay, I like a lot of shows that have been on for a while, but the tragedies of shows like Happy Endings, The Goodwin Games, and Flashforward getting canceled (this doesn’t even touch on Firefly or Arrested Development, which have garnered the appropriate public outrage on their behalf)—it just breaks my first-world heart. Or maybe Ben and I are the only people who liked these…
  • Autocorrect: The internet offers no shortage of stories of autocorrect hilariously misinterpreting our text/typing intentions or, for that matter, examples of what happens when parents learn to text. This exchange between my mom and me highlights both. But of course! I’m Ozt there pop, too, mom. Seriously, where do some of these iPhone-preferred words come from? Some secret Apple lingo?


  • OCD: How many times have you said or heard someone say something like “I’m very OCD about [insert minor issue like ‘having an organized closet’ here]”? I’ve definitely said it before. I do wonder, though, if this is offensive to people who genuinely have OCD. Like turn-off-the-lights-40-times-and-lock-the-door-50-times OCD. Or scrub-hands-until-they-bleed OCD. Maybe “neurotic” is a better way to put it?
  • Offense/defense: Speaking of taking offense, it’s funny how we treat being offended and getting defensive—when other people do it, that is. When you tell someone, “Don’t get defensive,” aren’t you really the one getting defensive by assuming the other person is? And my other favorite (not): “I’m sorry if I offended you.” This is not an apology. It’s an I-pity-you-for-being-so-easily-offended-but-am-definitely-not-sorry statement.

Also on my mind is this Juicy coat Grace of Stripes & Sequins posted about today and the fact that, as much as my heart wants it, I can’t really justify such a purchase at the moment… right? Oh sigh.


2 thoughts on “on my mind monday

  1. Autocorrect kills me. I’ve had some pretty funny ones happen to myself, I need to remember to always take screen caps! And I actually did a blog post about the term “OCD” awhile back: http://anothermomanotherblog13.blogspot.com/2013/10/ocd.html It doesn’t offend me so much when dropped in casual conversation but there are some people (and bloggers!) out there who talk about their “ocd” constantly (to the point of it being in their bios!) when they don’t actually have ocd at all.

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