baby first year book

Near the end of my pregnancy with Allie, I got all sorts of anxiety about making sure I had enough ways to document her life. I looked at several baby book options and decided, considering I spent my work days writing and designing magazine-style documents, I could do something similar for Allie. So I did! Drawing from multiple sources of Pinspiration, I created a template that I’ve been filling out each month, starting with pregnancy.

baby first year bookThe format is basically an 8×8 inch book, with a spread per month. There’s a page of text about what Allie did/what life was like that month (and stats, if I have them) on the left-hand side, with a full-page photo from that month on the right-hand side. The pages here just have placeholder text; I’ve been writing something each month but am continually editing and even swapping out the pictures (decisiveness is not one of my gifts), so I won’t include the final product just yet. It’s still very much a work in progress, but I love the idea of documenting this first year in a format of my choosing—and it’s a template I can reuse for future kids!

baby book_Page_3

The file is built in Adobe InDesign, and I will probably have it printed as a photo book through Shutterfly.


7 thoughts on “baby first year book

  1. That looks wonderful! I love that you did so much writing in it. I made pictures books of R’s first year but didn’t include any text. I haven’t made a book since because I got super busy with school but I really need to go back through my old pictures and make some more!

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