the weekly cute round-up

This week has been kind of weird. I’ve wondered if Allie is going through a developmental change or is just reacting to the cold and stormy weather. In any case, she has succeeded in being completely adorable while also totally throwing off our schedule (as I indicated yesterday).

We also had a big milestone: she tried solids for the first time! We’ve been giving her oatmeal for the past few days, and she just devours it. I had planned to wait until she turned six months to do this, but not only does she put everything in her mouth these days, she reaches for our food/drinks when we’re eating. This coupled with her ever-increasing baby strength convinced us it was time to indulge her food curiosity. We’ll eventually phase in foods that actually have flavor, but it’s fun to watch her get excited about something new!

Here are some photo highlights from the past week:


4 thoughts on “the weekly cute round-up

  1. Oh my gosh! Solids!!! Yay! That’s so exciting and makes me think that I should try this with Leilani. I’ve been thinking about giving her solids because she is sooo interested.

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