rain, rain, it’s okay


It has been rainy, snowy, cloudy, and cold for several days now. Pretty much constant grey. It’s hard to feel cheery and warm in such conditions, but, balancing our love of dryness with our need for outside time, Allie and I decided to grab an umbrella and brave the elements for a walk around the block.

Something about the rain makes me feel all thoughtful for whatever reason. The following occurred to me as we walked:

  1. Never underestimate the importance of a sturdy umbrella.
  2. Nothing calms my baby down like being outside. You don’t really think about it when you’re indoors, but outside feels SO different—and not just because of the temperature. It’s unbelievably rejuvenating, even on a cold and rainy day. How do we handle staying indoors all the time? Do kids even still play outside anymore? Granted, it’s near freezing and super windy out here, but I have many fond memories of playing in the rain with my friends as a kid.
  3. I wonder if anyone remembers that show “Under the Umbrella Tree” from childhood. Not sure I even remember it. Maybe it’s on Netflix. Or maybe not.
  4. I think parenthood is God’s/life’s way of trying to cure me of my control issues. Basically, every time I think I’ve established a routine or have a handle on things, everything falls apart and I have to start from scratch. I have this feeling that’s just going to keep happening forever and ever. Super.
  5. It is probably not a good idea to wear leather boots on a walk in the rain. Especially when said boots apparently have a hole in the heel.
  6. I do miss all my coworkers in DC and the perks of working full time, but not even close to enough to give up being able to take a walk with Allie in the middle of the day. I freaking love my company for letting me work part time from home.
  7. Oh look, there’s the sun coming out, as it always does inevitably, after the rain.

And when I got back I realized how many pictures I’ve pinned or tumbled with umbrellas.

I love the idea of a bit of pretty shining in the dreary.


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