things i love thursday

And we’re back to Thursday, my favorite day! I’ll keep the tradition alive (at least for now) of sharing things I love. These are some things I’m loving today:

  • Stephen’s Gourmet Roasted Hazelnut Hot Cocoa: I am one of those people who loves hot chocolate year-round (I also use a space heater year-round, but that’s beside the point). Short story: I love hot cocoa! And in Virginia I found my most favorite hot chocolate ever at Artfully Chocolate—the Judy, which is milk chocolate with hazelnut. As I mentioned the other day, I always miss the food whenever I leave a place, and hot cocoa is no exception! I’ve tried to recreate the Judy before (note to world: grinding up hazelnuts and putting them in your mug of hot cocoa will not result in hazelnut cocoa), but I discovered recently that Stephen’s has a hazelnut flavor, and it’s so close to the Judy it makes my soul sing. Love!
  • Daddy-daughter time: Specifically, Ben-with-Allie time. She just lights up every time she sees him. I love to watch as he dances with her, bounces her, throws her (gently) in the air—all the while she’s giggling like crazy and so happy to be with her daddy. It never stops warming my heart!


  • Citrus Lane deal*: Thanks to Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for spreading the good news that baby-toddler subscription box Citrus Lane has a special deal right now for new and current subscribers: between 25% and 35% off the normal price (normally $25/month) for a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription. I love deals!
  • Leggings: Guys, I know. I myself am a reformed leggings-hater, but pregnancy made me a believer. And even with that HuffPo article going around, I still. love. leggings. They are just too comfortable! Every day I wear them (which is often, gotta be honest.. and possibly right now), I marvel at how lightweight and cozy they are. And how well boots fit over them. Yay.
  • isanctuary-chevronbrassiSanctuary: I’m always a fan of shopping that benefits a cause—in particular, helping human trafficking victims, as iSanctuary does. “Purchase with purpose” is their tagline, which I just love. Their absolutely gorgeous jewelry is handmade by human trafficking victims and is great quality, especially given the price. I’ve been eyeing/obsessing over the Chevron Brass Necklace (obviously). I have to thank everyone’s favorite Bachelor runner-up, Tenley Molzahn, for introducing me!
  • Washer/dryer makeover by A Beautiful Mess: Finding her laundry room to be, as laundry rooms usually are, boring, Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess took black electrical tape and decorated her washer and dryer with stripes and polka dots. I love this!

As a side note, I EXTRA love the fact that even on my worst days, I still have things to love/be grateful for. #firstworldblessings #yesijusthashtaggedablogpost

* My referral link!


5 thoughts on “things i love thursday

  1. So I just have to say that I love leggings on babies! (I don’t think that I look good in leggings but you look fabulous in them. I wish I could pull it off.) Also, I took Mike to Artfully Chocolate and he LOVED it! So glad that you introduced me to that wonderful store!

  2. There is nothing sweeter than daddy-daughter time (or bubba-daughter time in our house, haha!) R is a 100% Bubba’s girl and he has been tossing her around not-so-gently since she was a wee one. I love hearing him make her laugh! Also, I am a total reformed legging hater. I wear yoga leggings almost every day now and I have 0 shame!

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