holiday gift guide(s) 2013

As I mentioned yesterday and last week, I love holiday gift guides. In general, though, I just love gift-giving (and getting, of course!). I figured out long ago that this is one of my main love languages. While some people may see giving presents as simply playing into our consumerist establishment, I see gift-giving as a way to tell someone I love, “Hey, I like you enough to get something for you.” And while I love to shop, I’m also a huge fan of the DIY, homemade, *priceless* gift varieties. I just love presents in any form!

Anyway, circling back to the point: I’ve seen so many awesome holiday gift guides around the blogosphere (distinct from the gift guides created by stores/vendors), I wanted to link to a bunch of them in one place. But wait, there’s more! I also decided to round up some of my favorite products and recent discoveries into a very un-comprehensive but hopefully somewhat helpful holiday gift guide. Enjoy!

The Absolutely Extraordinary Holiday Gift Guide 2013

I do not profess to have all the best ideas for every person in your life. These are just a few fabulous things I’ve come across that, if anything, will provide inspiration! I tried to keep everything under $100. You could swap wife for gal pal or husband for dad depending on your particular recipient’s tastes. Descriptions for each item are below.

holiday gift guide

1. Wooden Qi Wireless Charger/Speaker/Clock by Tomtop from ($100.00): In my mind, the ideal guy gifts are useful and cool. This one is on the pricier side, but now through 11/24 you can get 20% off at with the code “HOLIDAY” (they have lots of other fun gadgets and subscription boxes, too).

2. Michael Kors Logo Toggle Bracelet from Nordstrom ($95.00): As long as your lady likes jewelry, it’s hard to go wrong with a chain-link bracelet and Michael Kors!

3. Scabib ($12.00): Just discovered this through the most recent Binkabox review by Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, and I’m in love. Part scarf, part bib, this is the ultimate winter baby accessory! I have a feeling some people will hate this, but I think it’s genius!

4. CitySlips Glitter-Toe Ballet Travel Flats from Neiman Marcus ($58.00): I find that I always need ballet flats, and, in addition to being adorable and fabulous, these are also super convenient for throwing in your bag as a back-up shoe or comfy high-heel alternative.

5. Surefire G2 Nitrolon Single Output Incandescent flashlight from ($42.73): In Ben’s words, “Every guy needs a Surefire flashlight.” In his experience, Surefire lights are the best and brightest (literally), and most guys probably can’t have too many flashlights—one or two at home, one in the car, and maybe even one at work.

6. How to Be an Explorer of the World from ($12.46): Help your younger sibling/niece/nephew/child explore his/her creative side and be imaginative with this fun book of exercises. Something I would have loved as a teenager! (Or really, I still would.)

7. Cashmere Chevron Gloves from C. Wonder ($58.00): Disclaimer: I love doing personalized mom gifts (like photo books or calendars, which are currently up to 40% off at Shutterfly, btw) when possible. But if you opt for something store-bought (mom can only have so many calendars), it’s hard to go wrong with chevrons and cashmere! I also appreciate the smart-phone-friendly pointer finger.

8. The Slipper from Boden ($40.50): When shopping for dad, I aim for classy but casual essentials. These house slippers are luxurious enough to be worthy of a dad, and the comfyness gives all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings.

9. Limited Edition Birchbox Home: Snow Day ($39.00): I’m a fan of variety, and this Birchbox limited edition has a little bit of everything. Perfectly fun gift for a friend who appreciates the fabulous! (Note that this is separate from the monthly Birchbox subscription, though that would make a great gift, too!)

10. Silicon Power 32GB Firma ZN F80 USB 2.0 Flash Drive from ($20.22): This is something any guy (or girl, to be fair) will be able to use. Plus, it looks cool. Maybe pair the gift with a favorite beverage or snack to cover your bases.

11. Modern business card holder ($29.00): Simple but useful! I always loved admiring the business card holders my colleagues had on their desks.

12. Insulated tumbler from Kate Spade ($18.00): If there was one thing, apart from my laptop, that I used constantly at work, it was my water bottle. And something with a little personality will draw compliments at the water cooler!

Other awesome gift guides to peruse/drool over

Clearly my list barely scratches the surface but at least proves the point that if you’re looking for Christmas present ideas, there’s plenty of inspiration out there!

And to laugh off the fatigue of gift-guide overload, enjoy Business Insider’s “Unofficial Goldman Sachs Holiday Gift Guide” inspired by the hilarious @GSElevator Twitter account.

NOTE: This post includes a few referral links.


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