fabulous finds (continues!)

After last week’s collection of fabulous finds, I think I’ve decided to *try* to make this a weekly thing. I love to share all things bright and beautiful, but it’s also because my bookmarks are getting way out of control. This is sort of like scrapbooking my web memories. (Wemories, if you will. Or won’t.) Here are my finds from the past week:

  • Mean Girls gift guide: Okay, I’m just obsessed with holiday gift guides, I think. For all you fellow Mean Girls fans out there (and really, you all should be), Stripes & Sequins put together this fabulous gift guide. I’m seriously loving the Burn Book planner. (It appears that every blogger is putting together fantastic holiday gift guides. I may have to do a post solely devoted to these…)
  • Lunch menu series from Design Mom: I love this! And I will love it more once Allie is actually eating regular food—school lunches, in particular. It’s a series of kid lunch menu ideas that are generally healthy, kid-friendly, and yummy! Need to save these for future use!


  • Free printables from IHeart Organizing: I find that I am much better at staying organized when the means to get organized are pretty to look at. Thus I love these printables! And the fact that they are free makes me happy. I’m all about earning money for your awesomeness, but sharing stuff for free is just cool.
  • This J.M. Barrie quote I found via Twitter: I’m a believer in fairy tales and holding onto them well into adulthood. Despite the expectation that we all become cynical pragmatists, I maintain that imagination and dreaming big are not only for children!

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” ~ J.M. Barrie

  • Zara Mini: I’ve always loved Zara for fabulous but affordable fashion, and now they’ve extended their limited baby apparel options into a full collection! Granted, on a baby clothes scale these are not necessarily inexpensive. But for the perfect outfit essential (e.g., winter coat, hat), I love the idea.
  • “How Many of Your Memories Are Fake?” article from The Atlantic: This is a thought-provoking and kind of disconcerting examination of the fallible human mind. Makes you think!
  • Baby milestone cards from Uncommon Goods: This is really two finds in one, because Uncommon Goods has all sorts of awesome gift products, but I especially love these milestone cards. They would make a great baby shower gift!

Milestone cards

  • BONUS: Withings: So I may be way late to this party, but I feel like I just discovered a new world of lifestyle technology and tools. I haven’t yet had the chance to dive in, but Withings has a bunch of apps and products to help you manage your health and well-being (and your baby’s!). I’m particularly excited about the small and sleek Activity Tracker, which, like other Withings products, can connect with the app to help keep track of your health goals and progress. Very interested in trying this out!

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