assorted ramblings

I have always suffered from random-subject-changing-while-speaking syndrome, and my thoughts are all over the place today, so here’s what’s on my mind, bullet style:

  • I miss Virginia: I miss a lot of things about Virginia. Mostly all our awesome friends! But what I can’t stop thinking about these days is the food. For someone who is not all that adventurous when it comes to food, I find that every time I leave a place, I seem to think constantly about the restaurants I can no longer frequent. Potbelly. Fireflies. Shake Shack. Sweetwater Tavern. Carlyle. Chart House. Ted’s Montana Grill. Panera. These are things I miss dearly.
  • Email inboxes: When I was working full time, I generally found that my stress levels were directly correlated with the number of emails in my inbox (now they’re correlated with how many hours Allie sleeps). Anyway, even with my personal email, I am a person who likes a clean inbox, only leaving emails that represent outstanding items. Imagine my horror when I saw this while looking at my mom’s iPhone last night:

mom iphone

Yes, that says 30,173 in her inbox. No, it’s not an error. Yes, I’m still in shock.

  • Facebook news-gathering: I found out this weekend that a friend has been going through a really rough time, and when I thought about it, this person hadn’t posted anything on Facebook in several months. I realized that I keep up with my friends based on what I see in my news feed—not what I don’t see, which in some cases is more telling. It’s a very lazy way of keeping up with people. To borrow a marketing concept, it’s much more push than pull. (And probably contributing to the erosion of our brains right along with our smart phone use, as I mentioned in my post the other day.) Verdict: I need to be a better friend.
  • WomenSub_239x358Birchbox*: I FINALLY got my invite to the monthly box. And thus I can finally stop checking my phone excitedly every time I hear an email come in. They initially said it was about a two-week wait to get invited, and by day three I was pretty much dying. Ended up only taking 10 days! YAY! (It felt a bit like when Allie was overdue, except in a much more frivolous, much less life-altering way.)
  • Curing a case of the judgies: In church yesterday, the speaker shared a thought he described as “that old line” but is one I had never heard, and I love it: “We judge ourselves by our intentions but judge others by their actions.” Isn’t that so true? I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Judging. It’s just too easy. But it feels SO much better to like people and be nice to them! I think for me it’s a way of coping with my own problems/shortcomings, but I hate so much when people pass judgment on me, I just need to stop doing it to others. Progress TBD.
  • Chocolate lava cakes: We had a family dinner last night, and my sister made these. Uh-maze-ing. My mouth is watering just writing about them.

On that note, I think I need something to eat…

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