project ice cream bread

After a million* pins and bookmarked blog posts, I have finally actually made something I found online. And the outcome? Unclear.

HotChocBread-5I found this amazing-looking recipe for ice cream bread at the blog Sugar & Cloth, and it looked both too easy and too delicious not to give it a shot. The idea is you pick any flavor of ice cream (she went with hot chocolate ice cream, a flavor I didn’t even know existed!), mix it with flour, top it with marshmallows, toss it in the oven for 40 minutes, and voila—ice cream bread.

So, after searching in vain for hot chocolate ice cream, we picked up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie to test this new ice cream bread concept. It was easy enough to prepare, and while it baked it definitely smelled delicious.

Once it came out of the oven it didn’t exactly look as appetizing as I thought it might, but I think that had a lot to do with the flavor we chose. You don’t see a lot of white bread out there that’s not, you know, moldy.


We took it out and sliced it up and it tasted.. floury. Or maybe just bready. Not bad, but I think I was expecting something more dessert-like. I decided it might go well with maybe a mug of hot cocoa or some complementary sweet. But then again, if you’re getting all the calories and sugar from eating ice cream, it should at least taste as good as ice cream, right?

Since the recipe is so darn easy, I might try this one again with another flavor and maybe a twinge less flour. Or.. I could just move on to the next pin.

* Slight exaggeration


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