(things) i love thursday

I’m sorry if anyone is bothered by the overuse of parentheticals, because I sort of depend on them.

It appears there are a few post themes that permeate the blogosphere, and one I’ve seen a few times is “Things I love Thursday.” This is an appropriate day to express love, because it also happens to be my favorite day of the week! I just really love Thursday. Something about having all the anticipation of the coming weekend and only one remaining day in the school/work week. Also, gotta be honest, a lot of the best TV shows are on Thursdays.

Not sure yet whether I’ll make this a weekly thing, but here are a few things making me particularly happy today:

  • Family time: Two of my sisters live nearby, and another two are in town this weekend! Which means 5 out of 8 kids will be reunited. Oh, plus a niece who’s sort of like a sister. (Hoping we’ll play Set!)
  • Fruit water: I just discovered this stuff and have only tried the watermelon flavor, but I’m obsessed! It’s fruity, carbonated, and has zero calories. And it’s delish.
  • Allie’s war cry: This child loves to make noise. She pretty much spends all day vocalizing with what we call her “war cry” (an only slightly overdramatized name). As difficult as she can sometimes make carrying on a conversation, she totally cracks me up.

  • Holiday gift guides: Generally when you’re buying a gift for someone, unless it’s for a spouse or child, you aren’t going to be spending massive amounts of money. I love that holiday gift guides like Land of Nod’s and Kate Spade’s provide ideas within set price ranges to help give you ideas without going over your budget.
  • Bloglovin: I’m sure there are plenty of Google Reader replacements out there, but this is the first one I’ve found that is just so simple to use. So easy to keep track of all my favorite blogs!
  • leviachevronbraceletChevron bracelet: I will never stop loving chevrons, trend or no. I’ve already told you guys about pin-shop-share hybrid The Prowl, and that’s where I discovered this bracelet from Ruche. And it’s only $14.99! Except, as I ranted against yesterday, you have to spend $75 for free shipping. Le sigh.
  • Subscription boxes (FYI: referral links* herein): I saved the best for last. I had seen the ads for Birchbox in my Facebook feed for months and months, and I wondered what all the fuss was about. And when I saw a deal on Plum District for another subscription, Citrus Lane (designed for babies/kids), I remembered my friend Britni instagramming about it a while ago. So I started doing a little research. Little did I know! People, there are subscription boxes for everything. Thanks to the expert reviews of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, I have a better grasp on all the options out there, but it’s like kryptonite for the shopping addict. The idea is that you sign up to receive what is usually a surprise box each month (or quarter, depending on the subscription). Inside are a variety of items based on the subscription—beauty products, snacks, clothes, random lifestyle essentials. Birchbox calls it discovery retail, since you get to try new products you might not otherwise find or buy and decide if you like them. Most of these offer awesome deals and coupons for new subscribers, so you can always try a month and see if you like it. While I have yet to receive an actual box (I’m a little overexcited, I know), I think POPSUGAR Must Have might be my favorite, since it sends a mix of different types of fabulous items. Be still, my beating consumerist heart.

So that’s what I’m loving today, among all the other things, like, you know, my husband, my baby, my family, and all of you!

BONUS LOVED THING: I posted but then just saw this hilarious video via Consumerist. As they introduce it: ‘Gravity’ Spoof Accurately Recreates The Terror Of Being Separated In IKEA. I haven’t seen Gravity, but I have spent many a day in IKEA, and this rings oh-so true. So funny.

* Referral links = You use these links to subscribe, I get points. Yay!


One thought on “(things) i love thursday

  1. Leilani and I watched Allie’s war cry video! She LOVED it! Haha! I hope that they will be friends one day too! Yes, we do need to skype. We have never skyped with another baby before.

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