free all the shipping!

It’s almost the holidays, which means shopping season has officially begun (not that it ever ends in my life). I had a Twitter exchange with a darling friend recently about free shipping—specifically, we’ve become so spoiled by places like Nordstrom and Amazon (Prime) that offer free shipping all the time, it’s a shock whenever we buy something online and are expected to pay for shipping! (I know, this is right out of the hilarious everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy* video from a few years ago—which, by the way, if you haven’t watched you definitely should!) I half-seriously vowed to only shop at places with free shipping, which led me to wonder if a comprehensive list of these exists.

But of course it does! Because of the internet, bless its heart! I found what I’m sure is just one of many out there. For your online shopping/non-free-shipping-boycotting pleasure, here are some of the highlights:

  • ASOS (and free returns! and it’s in the UK!)
  • Barneys New York (“complimentary” shipping, which just sounds classy and amazing)
  • Kate Spade (also free returns; btw their holiday gift guide is worth checking out!)


  • L.L. Bean
  • Nordstrom (and free returns. and the women/kids half-yearly sale is on now!)
  • Piperlime (and free returns)
  • Shopbop (free 3-day shipping, no less. and free returns)
  • Zappos (currently offering free NEXT-DAY shipping on clothing. insanity!)

I guess technically Amazon doesn’t count, since you have to pay for Prime, though you can split a Prime membership within a family and cut down on the cost! (And it’s not just free shipping, it’s free two-day shipping!) I order enough from Amazon each year that it’s more than worth it, though for other people it might not be. I still remember when the fact that spending $25 got you free shipping was enough for me to buy everything through Amazon.

This leads me to the second tier, the spend-this-much-to-get-free-shipping stores. These guys are really the evil geniuses, because they know you’ll just spend more to get the free shipping, which completely negates the whole point of wanting free shipping in the first place. I find $25 to be relatively reasonable, but I saw one recently that generously offered free shipping on orders of $150 or more. How kind.

In any case, I still have to cave on paying shipping every now and then, because I want what I want, ya know? I think I’ve figured out what my version of thee bergdorf brunette‘s Diet Coke addiction is: shopping. Definitely shopping. Even at the cost of non-free shipping every now and then.

* As an ironic footnote to our dissatisfaction with all the amazing, make sure you read the Open Letter to Science I shared on Facebook a few weeks ago. Aloud to a friend/loved one, if possible.


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