veterans day discoveries

I love that I could count on so many Facebook posts today expressing gratitude for our veterans. I even posted one! Ben was in Afghanistan for the first Veterans Day that I really paid attention. Now I am much more aware of the reason for the holiday. (Not that those who are serving get to celebrate it at all!)

One thing I realized today is how many of my friends have relatives who are veterans and/or currently serving in the military. It makes me happy to see people honor their grandparents, parents, siblings, spouses, and friends in uniform. A few other discoveries I made today:

  • There is no apostrophe in Veterans Day. Or in Department of Veterans Affairs. It’s one of those things I always feel unsure about but decided to verify. (Thank you, Google!) Another one is Valentine’s Day. Apostrophe confirmed.
  • I like the idea of actually celebrating Veterans Day beyond a Facebook tribute (though I of course failed at it this year—blaming the whole new mom thing). So I did some searching on Pinterest for inspiration and found these super cute camo cupcakes from the blog Dukes & Duchesses. Totally going to try and make these, but maybe not until next year.

marbled camo cupcakes

  • SO many businesses offer free stuff or discounts to veterans. We were at Tucanos last week and saw a promotion for a free meal for veterans, as well as 10% off and a free dessert for families of veterans. Even though it was before Veterans Day, our server recognized that Ben was (former) military and gave us the discount! Today I found a comprehensive list of other businesses offering Veterans Day specials, and tonight Ben enjoyed a free pizza from his favorite, CPK!

I was glad it wasn’t too stressful of a day for Ben so he was able to come home and enjoy the afternoon with us. I suppose my last discovery of the day was more a reminder: I am so grateful to have Ben home with us every day! Many other families don’t have that anymore, and it makes me sad. But it also makes me appreciate every moment so much more! On the flip side of every sadness is always a cause for rejoicing, so Happy Veterans Day!


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