birth stats card

Before Allie was born, I scoured Pinterest and the web for fun ideas for her nursery. I came across a few versions of the birth stats card—basically some kind of wall art detailing a baby’s name, birthdate, weight, height, etc. There are a few of these on Etsy that you can buy, but I figured I would use my basic design skills, massive font collection, and familiarity with Adobe InDesign to make my own! In the interests of not sharing absolutely everything personal, I created a version for one of our kitties, Starbuck. Then, to show color options for both genders, I did one for our other cat, Pirate:

Basically, the idea is that you have it printed on cardstock (I’m planning to do an 8×10 photo from Shutterfly, I think), then frame it and put it on the wall. Happy to share the INDD file or mock up a personalized version for anyone who likes it! Like I said, not the most amazing thing in the world, but better than paying for one!


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