ready, Set, lose.

I remarked to Ben the other day how we never play games (board, card) anymore, and it made me kinda sad. We do love games, but something about, oh I don’t know, having a baby then moving across the country away from all of our friends and spending every free minute of every day on work projects while Ben goes to school–we don’t play games much anymore.

However! I found the box of one of our favorite card games, Set, lying around and brought it downstairs. Last night (Friday), like the big party animals we are, we decided it was time to play.

photo-2The premise of this game is to identify sets of three cards. Each card has a unique combination of figures with one of three shapes, colors, and numbers. A set is comprised of three cards that in each category are either all the same or all different. It’s one of those games that sounds really complicated at first, but once you get it, you can identify sets pretty quickly. We were introduced to this game at my family reunion at the Outer Banks last summer.

In general, I don’t consider myself superior to Ben in any way, but I somehow thought (maybe from a brief addiction I had to the iPad version of Set) that I was just way better than Ben at this game. So after our first game, when he beat me, I called it a fluke. I managed to eke out a win in the next game, and my arrogance in victory led me to challenge Ben to place bets on the best two games out of three. If I won, Ben had to promise to give up video games for the weekend. If Ben won, he got to have two Rockstars (his beloved energy drink he recently gave up because I asked him to).

Suffice it to say, Ben really wanted those Rockstars, because he absolutely creamed me in round three. I started to call for double or nothing, but the thought of him having four Rockstars humbled me into silence.

Anyway, Set is a super fun game! Just don’t raise the stakes too high.


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