and then there was another one

I’ve  been blogging off and on since—just verified—2000. As in the year. When I got married, I started a new blog for our *new life together* that was eventually shut down when Posterous died (RIP). After a two-year hiatus, I came back to my single blog for a quick post, but now I’m feeling like a fresh start. Again. As I mentioned in my most recent post at the old blog, blogging just helps me sort out my thoughts, but I also want to be able to document baby A, the adventures of motherhood, random life haps, and all the cool things I discover and want to share with the world. (And, you know, vent about stuff.)

About the blog title. It comes from a favorite book, “Coming Home,” when the fabulous and carefree Loveday Carey-Lewis, suddenly feeling the wonder of the circumstances around her, remarks, “Isn’t life absolutely extraordinary?” Let’s be real here: My day-to-day life is pretty ordinary. But I guess I need some way to feel like I’m actually thinking/doing/living beyond the constant routine of parenthood, work, eating, and sleeping. If I may paraphrase the recent Bachelorette contestant Ames, you have to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. And they say a testimony is found in the bearing of it, right? 🙂

Anyway, join the party as this new mom takes another crack at finding the awesome around me and sharing it with you. Yay.


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