summer loving

I am feeling the love these days. Summer just makes everything better! Granted, it’s warm in Florida year-round (I think?), but the feelings of summertime—perhaps imprinted from the days when summer meant a much-anticipated break from school—make it easy to be happy. Here are a few of the highlights of my summer fun thus far:


  • The Girl You Left Behind: For the first time since college, I have a library card! Allie and I checked out our local branch and picked up a couple of books, including this one that’s been on my wishlist for a while. So good!
  • The Selection: One of my new friends here shares my love for cheesy teen lit and loaned me the books for this Bachelor-meets-Hunger-Games trilogy. Deliciously easy and entertaining reads.


  • on date nights: Our first Florida date night happened—Magic Kingdom at night—thanks to babysitting swapping with a new friend. I wasn’t sure I would be able to trust anyone for a year or two, but it may be that I’m slowly letting go of my parenthood paranoia!
  • on girls nights: This happened, too! It’s always a special thrill these days to be out after dark. A couple of girl friends and I went to a comedy club in downtown Orlando and indulged in some froyo and much-needed girl talk. Yay!


  • clutch: So, this is basically my new favorite bag ever! I got it at a local clothing boutique for a steal and am about ready to throw out all my other purses. It’s lightweight, cute, and perfect for anytime I go somewhere quick or without Allie.
  • new carseat for Allie: The time has come. Our very long child is ready for a seat upgrade, and we just pulled the trigger on the highly recommended Diono Radian RXT. Hope she loves it!


  • Covert Affairs: I remember a friend gushing about this show a while ago and decided to give it a shot on a whim. I got hooked! Past seasons are currently only viewable with Amazon Video, but it gave my Alias-loving heart a fun new show to binge on.
  • America Ninja Warrior: Random, I know. I have to blame Ben for this one. It was just on in the evenings when I’d finish putting Allie down, but after watching these people run these crazy courses, I’m all invested in how they do! Never would have thought!


  • crawling: Allie is finally doing it! And she’s even pulling herself into downward dog. Walking may indeed happen before she turns 2! 😉
  • swinging: Possibly one of Allie’s favorite things in the world is swinging. Thankfully, there is no shortage of playgrounds around here, and every time she just laughs and squeals with glee.

I hope to catch up on my blogroll soon and keep documenting our adventures and other fabulousness I encounter, but I am also already feeling like summer is already slipping away! More beach days and splash padding are definitely in our future!

* I also just finished another book, The Circle, that I basically hated. Waste of trees, in my opinion. :-/

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allie’s first(s)

This week Allie turned ONE YEAR OLD! I can’t even believe it. This whole month has been filled with excitement for her, and with this milestone birthday I figured it was time for an Allie update. Here are her most recent firsts:

  1. First time army crawling forward (and scooting): She is taking her time with the whole mobility thing, but I’m cool with it. For the longest time she would just push herself backwards on her tummy, but, especially when in pursuit of an iPhone, Allie will army crawl across any room like a mad woman! I’m trying to help her get better at going from sitting to tummy, but most of the time she’ll opt for the bum scoot across the floor. Silly girl.
  2. First time trying sour cream: She loved it. Like smeared-all-over-herself-and-shoved-desperately-into-her-mouth loved it.
  3. First solid week of 12-hour sleep stretches: I thank Florida for this. It just started happening consistently out of the blue. She had slept through the night a few times in the past, but usually she’d wake up between 3-5 AM to nurse then go back down. But KNOCK ON WOOD, things are changing. I’m sure she’ll probably just start teething or get sick or something, then we’ll be back to hourly wake-ups…
  4. First but most definitely not last time eating ice: She takes after her mom. At the top (or bottom?) of Allie’s food pyramid, just above watermelon, is ice.
  5. First non-mama/dada words (almost): So this started a little more than a month ago, but Allie is the consonant queen. She always points to the fan and says “ffff” over and over. She says “kkkk” when she sees the kitties. She says “shhh” when she sees my shoes (or feet—we’re still working on that one). Lately she’s started pointing to my water bottle and saying “wawa” while smiling happily. And today, big news, but I *swear* she said the word “book” while we were reading stories. It was probably an accident, but she definitely does say “buh” over and over and point at the books. She’s on her way!
  6. First successful self-administering of her bottle: I was holding it for her for the longest time, but she finally mastered the tilt back and drinks all on her own now. Yay!
  7. First time at the beach: The most glorious thing about living in Florida is that the beach is so close! Really, almost anywhere in Florida is an hour or less from the ocean. This is amazing. So earlier this week we drove to the Atlantic for Allie’s first beach trip. She loved it!! She did eat a lot of sand, but I’m told that’s okay. She loved the waves and being tossed and bounced up and down in the water. I can’t wait to go back again and again with her! (Sidenote: Putting sunscreen on a one-year-old has got to be one of the most difficult feats of humanity.)
  8. First time falling asleep in the car (in a LONG time): Allie never sleeps in the car, or at least hasn’t in several months, but on the way back from the beach, she just quietly passed out. I was amazed!
  9. First birthday: And of course, we celebrated Allie’s big day! Nothing too huge, since we’re still freshly moved. Allie and I went to a playdate with some new friends in the afternoon. She swam in the little kiddie pool and just giggled and smiled and kicked in the water. During her second nap I decorated the house in streamers and those poofy tissue paper balls and a “happy birthday” banner, and when Ben got home from work, we had dinner then sang her “happy birthday” as I brought in the chocolate cake. I’m not sure what I expected, perhaps crazy eyes and a mad rush to consume ALL THE CHOCOLATE, but she took some convincing. She threw the first couple of pieces on the floor (that’s her thing these days), but after I fed her a piece directly she got interested and ate the rest. Not a bad thing to eat chocolate in moderation, I suppose! While we didn’t have a real party for her here, we had friends celebrating remotely!*
  10. First time at DisneyWorld: Okay, so maybe not officially, but tonight we went to Downtown Disney for dinner and watched Allie take it all in. We’re looking forward to going back whenever we decide to get our annual passes!

Overall, this has been a stressful but super fun past couple of months. Allie continues to be the brightest part of my day and my best girl friend. I love how much more she understands and how we see her learn new things every day. I am amazed at how much personality she packs into that tiny body!

* Since we knew we’d be new with few friends for Allie’s birthday, I did a little advanced planning and sent a few “party in a box” boxes to a handful of family and our closest friends (had my budget allowed, they would have gone to many more!). The boxes included party hats, horns/blowouts, candles, matches, and instructions for celebrating Allie-style. If we can’t celebrate in person with a lot of our good friends, this is the next best thing! I asked “attendees” to document their celebrations, and I’ve already received a few of the submissions. Love!

the long-awaited arrival

We’re here!! One very long road trip for Ben and one not-so-long-but-still-tiring flight for me later, we are in our Floridian house enjoying the Floridian warmth and random Floridian thunderstorms. Things I’ve discovered about Florida thus far:

  1. Florida is a lot like Hawaii. Similar weather and a similar need to ensure no food or crumbs are ever left out for more than a minute or two.
  2. Also, the people are friendly and laid back in the same way other warm weather dwellers are. I like it.
  3. It’s also super lush and green—way more than I expected.
  4. There is water EVERYWHERE. Surrounding most of the state, yes, but also sprinkling every town (that I’ve seen) in the form of little lakes.
  5. The lizards I’d heard about and assumed were like Hawaii geckos are in fact about three times as big. While they eat bugs, and I’m grateful for that, they still creep me out a little. Especially as approximately eight of them spend their lives scaling the outside of our screened-in porch.
  6. While there is no state income tax here (yay!), registering a car for the first time costs about $400 (boo!).

Overall, we really like it here so far! We’re also very glad to be done moving. Ben was a champ with driving the truck. I only had four-ish hours on the plane with Allie, but that didn’t prevent me from being insanely nervous about it. However, it all went really well! Allie slept for an hour in my arms (huge achievement!) and spent the rest of the time being enchanted by everyone and everything around her. The crazy day of travel meant she totally missed her second nap, but that had the miraculous side effect of her being able to go to bed at a normal time and completely miss the whole time-zone-change thing.

Ben starts his new job tomorrow, and I will be exploring the world of full-time momming without his or my mom’s help during the day. Oh and I’ll still be working part-time from home. At nights. Goody! We’ve spent these last few days getting to know the area a bit better (love it!), swimming in our community pool (Allie loved it!), attempting a DMV trip (yeah.. we’ll need to try that again), stocking our house full of groceries (harder to do when you’re starting from zero food whatsoever!), and pretending to unpack (it will happen eventually). I am super excited to explore all the fun things to do around here and enjoy this fresh start in a new place! So is Allie! 🙂

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yearbooks, car goodbyes, and the big news

Friends, things are a’happening, I tell you. This month has been a crazy emotional rollercoaster, but in the best way. I had pretty much even forgotten I had a blog until this very moment, when I am finally sitting down to breathe for a second. And I guess I have so much emotion right now, I need a place to let it out!

I was going to take my time and build up to the big news, but I suppose I’ll just out with it: we are MOVING! Finally! This feels like much huger news to me than to you, most likely, because we have spent the past 6+ months waiting to know when we would finally be on our way to a more permanent, stable life situation. And the big question you may have is WHERE our twisty life path is taking us. To a place we had never really considered, but now that it’s our reality we’re super excited about it:

Reasons why this is exciting:

  • Florida is warm
  • Florida is on the East Coast
  • Florida has beaches
  • Florida has tons of fun things to do
  • Florida is WARM, people! (Yes, this is worth mentioning twice)

These past few weeks have been filled with packing and tying up a variety of loose ends before we start our newer, warmer life, such as:

All my boxes of childhood stuff: I knew I had several boxes stored in my parents’ shed, but I didn’t realize just how many or just what treasures I would find! Yearbooks, journals, notes I passed in middle school, old clothes—these were the normal things. Then of course there were my old collage-plastered textbook covers, my rock collection (oh yes), my box of Russian plastic bags (Ben tried to make me toss these, but I reasoned I’m going to need plastic bags for things, and they might as well have cool Cyrillic letters on them), and a shoebox of mixed tapes (Wikipedia’d for the reference of any younger readers).

I was glad to go through and discover so many things I’ve missed for years, as well as toss some things I should have thrown away years ago…

A fond farewell: I bought my first and, until very soon in the future, only car in college (thank you, leftover scholarship money!), and it has served me so well these last eight years. But, with our move approaching, we recognized that the value of my car was a mere three times the cost of shipping it across the country, so we took this opportunity to sell it, with plans to buy a new, slightly more spacious vehicle once we arrive in Florida. I posted my car for sale on Monday evening, and by Thursday morning it was gone. I couldn’t believe it!

After my buyer texted “deal” half an hour after test driving my car, I almost considered calling it off. My car, beat up and unimpressive as it was, saw me through so many good times. Ben and I had our first “date” in it (our side-by-side car date, a story for another day), we brought Allie home from the hospital in it, and it was the host of so many driving dance parties with dear friends over the years. It was really sad to see it go. But I suppose we all have to move on at some point. Farewell, dear Elantra.

So now we’re just running around trying to get things in order before we head out. Ben is leaving in FOUR DAYS, which is just crazy. I’ll follow a few days later by plane. With an almost one-year-old. I am terrified. I was already freaking out about how to entertain Allie for 5 hours and somehow try to get her to take a nap, THEN I read how painful flying can be for babies’ ears and how I should basically plan to have her scream and vomit on me the entire time. Needless to say, I am overcome with anxiety about this flight. Please share with me any flying wisdom you have! And if you have none, please pray for me!

But the flight aside, I am SO excited about this move and am looking forward to new adventures in a new place. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on everything!

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things my husband won’t let me buy

We’ve known for the past almost-year that we’d probably be moving soon, so we haven’t wanted to accumulate too much stuff. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from tending to my shopping addiction every now and then with care, but I’ve haven’t gone crazy or anything. I try to run purchases by Ben for one of two reasons:

  1. To avoid him scolding me later, or
  2. To get him to talk me out of something my heart wants but my brain recognizes I really don’t need.

Most of the time he’s right, so I listen to him, but there are a few things I just can’t forget about. The following are some of the lovely items I hope to *add to cart* sometime in the next few months, but not just yet.

  • Hudson + Bleecker collection on Birchbox: These colors! I just love looking at these items. The beach tote in particular would be well loved in our lives. This collection just makes me happy!
  • Baby Sperry boat shoes: Obviously, Allie needs these. Ben is just not seeing reason here. I suppose she should learn to walk first, but once she takes those first steps, these are a must!
  • Copper Moscow Mule mugs: I honestly don’t know what I love about these so much, but I just picture us sitting on some future back porch, sipping lemonade out of these mugs—with those little pellet ice chunks—while enjoying a warm afternoon together.

We may be sharing some good news here in a while, so hopefully these purchases aren’t too far in my future!

(five) books + a box

So remember when I disappeared from blog land because I remembered how much I love reading books? Yeah, well, I’m still there, BUT, I’m taking a break for a quick review post. The reason being I just got another free Influenster box in the mail and want to give it a review. Also, I need to tell you guys about my new favorite series of all time! We’ll start with the books:

In which I completely abandon all literature except young adult lit

I’ve told you all before that I tend to gravitate toward the younger audience when it comes to books. Sure, I love many of the classics and have a special fondness for historical fiction, but I just love an easy, entertaining read over something with deep, complicated layers of symbolism and poetry. (My English professor mom is probably considering disowning me right about now!) HOWEVER, I do expect that my books are well written. I’ve cracked open a few teen fluff novels and couldn’t make it through more than a few pages because of terrible and/or sappy writing.

Anyway, to the point! My cousin told me about this series, called the River of Time, that she swore she liked better than the Divergent or Hunger Games trilogies. This obviously caught my attention, so I ordered book one, Waterfall, online. Nary a day had passed that I texted her desperately to borrow the next books in the series, because my Amazon order for them wouldn’t get here fast enough. GUYS, I love these books.

Without spoiling the plot—because I hate that, and also because the plot itself isn’t what makes it so great—let me just say what I love about this series:

  1. It’s written the way a young girl with a moderate amount of intelligence talks. Pop culture references and slang, but still descriptive and eloquent.
  2. It’s got romance without being trashy. Totally clean enough for, say, my 13-year-old niece who is now as obsessed with these books as I am.
  3. SO FAR*, the books mostly end in a manner that doesn’t make me want to throw them angrily at the wall and scream, “Why???” to the universe.
  4. BONUS not loved part: The cover art. I’m sorry, but it’s so corny, and the guy characters are way hotter how I imagine them.

So anyway, if you’re looking for a light but gripping read, check out River of Time! And once you do, please tell all your friends to build more interest so someone will make a movie of these!!

* There are currently five books out (three full length; two novellas sold in one volume), and the author is working on the sixth to come out in July!

Mary Kay (MKGlam) VoxBox: The time I actually changed my mind about a brand

If you read my last Influenster review, you know the drill. I fill out a profile, complete some surveys, and if I meet the target demographics, I get selected for free boxes! In exchange, I promise at the very least to complete a final survey about my opinion of the products. But, as an extra thank you for the free stuff, I can post a review on my blog. So here I am. Let me begin by saying if you haven’t joined Influenster yet but want to, let me know! I can invite you! But onto the review.

This box arrived before I even saw any tracking, so I wasn’t expecting it. I knew it involved Mary Kay, but that’s it. My opinion of the Mary Kay brand prior to this box was basically this: I associated it with pushy sales-ladies/sort-of friends in your house, maybe a little sense of tackiness. (This is just my honest opinion here!) So I received this box with a bit of a try-to-wow-me mentality. And I have to admit, I was kind of wowed. Overall, everything felt way more high-end than I expected, and there were a few products I absolutely LOVE. Couple that with the fact I got everything for free, and I almost feel like shouting from the rooftops. Here’s the product rundown with my comments on each item and the list prices (all are Mary Kay products):

  1. Lash Love Mascara ($15.00): BEST. MASCARA. EVER. I kid you not. I thought Benefit had me committed for life, but I love love love this mascara. The handle/applicator has a great weight to it, and it feels so sturdy. Oh, and the stuff really works. Fave item in the box.
  2. Cream Eye Color – Apricot Twist ($14.00): I don’t typically wear eye shadow of any kind, but I love this stuff. It’s a perfect shiny neutral and goes on super smoothly, with no cakiness as the day goes on.
  3. Mineral Cheek Color – Shy Blush ($12.00): This is just fine. It’s blush. I don’t really wear blush.
  4. Translucent Loose Powder ($16.00): This was probably the item I was most excited about before trying but most disappointed in once I did try it. I like that it’s very light, but I didn’t feel it made enough of a difference.
  5. Gel Eyeliner with Expandable Brush Applicator ($18.00): Now this I like. Believe it or not, I’ve never actually worn gel eyeliner, but I’ve tried this stuff the past couple days and might be a convert!
  6. Bronzing Power ($18.00): I like this stuff. I don’t normally wear bronzer, and I could probably use a tutorial on how to wear it correctly, but I like the “sun-kissed glow” this gives.
  7. NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss – Mango Tango ($14.00): This stuff looked orange-y but actually goes on a really nice coral-red. I like it!
  8. Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush ($10.00): I actually don’t own any makeup brushes, so this was a welcome item! Seems like good quality.
  9. Big powder brush (wasn’t listed on the info card, but I’d guess around $12-15): Yet another brush I will happily use! Worked well enough but didn’t feel life-changing.

In short, this was $120+ worth of free stuff, and I was actually super impressed with most of it. I think my main qualm with Mary Kay has been the sales method, but I’d be totally cool with buying this stuff online. Yay for discovering awesome new products and yay for free boxes!

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a case of infatuation

So, I have a bit of a problem with infatuation. I get all excited about something and let it completely consume me, to the neglect of everything else in my life. Thus, while I’ve been absent from blog land the last week and a half, I’ve been soul-deep in… books. It’s just that I don’t actually get to spend all day reading, since, you know, I’ve got an infant and a job and all that, so when I finally have time to myself, literary cliffhangers take precedence over the internet. I always forget how much I love reading until I’m reading.

But now Ben and I are in a standoff, because he’s in the middle of the second Maze Runner book, and I just finished the first, so I basically just chastise him for every free minute he spends not reading. Like right now. So I’m in book limbo for the time being. And while I wait, I might as well say hi! We’ve managed to do a few non-book-related activities recently, because the weather is AMAZING. Like, it’s a crime not to eat every meal outdoors on a picnic blanket. Some of the recent highlights include the following:

  • More outlet shopping: Because I can’t stop. (Thankfully, my dear friend at Tommy wasn’t working this time.) And on that note…
  • White shorts quest: After finally finding a great pair of white jeans, I realized that my only pair of white Bermuda shorts is from… Motherhood Maternity. So the whole purpose (from which I was all too easily distracted) of visiting the outlets was to find a new pair. But every pair I tried either fit weird or was see through. So frustrating!
  • Spring festival: Ben and I had another date night! Yay! The community had a spring festival the other night with all sorts of booths, outdoor games, food trucks, and a screen on the green showing of Frozen! So fun! Cuddling on the grass under the stars to a Disney movie is pretty much amazing.
  • A new show: I had seen the previews for AMC’s Turn a while ago and it looked intriguing, but I had forgotten all about it until an ad in my Facebook feed reminded me (clever Mad Men cross-marketing). It’s really good! Honestly, I’ve shown shamefully little interest in the American Revolution beyond required history classes (my book club’s reading of 1776 was a big fail), but this makes it much more accessible. And the first episodes are all available on the website!
  • Which Wich: I despaired when we left the DC area, because I was a bit of an addict to Potbelly sandwiches. Thus I was delighted when we recently discovered the West’s Potbelly counterpart: Which Wich. They even have Oreo shakes! We’ve been there approximately three times since my last post….
  • Soaking in Easter perfection: Yesterday was the most perfect and gorgeous day to remember what’s most important to me and to refocus my perspective a bit.  This video pretty much says it all.
  • Orchestrating the most awesome Easter egg hunt ever: Okay, well at least we thought so. We had a big family dinner for Easter yesterday, and Ben and I got to fill all (70!) the easter eggs and hide them around my parents’ back yard. Most had candy inside, but we volunteered my mom to donate some cash for a few special eggs to keep things exciting. It was so fun watching my nieces and nephews hunt around and happily bring in their spoils.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I continue to post a tad less frequently in the future to give myself more time for all my other infatuations—and, of course, more time to read others’ blogs! There really are too few hours in the day! But while I love to come here and document my life, thoughts, and adventures, I just don’t have the talent to multitask blogging with everything else I want to do! Hope you all are enjoying this fabulous spring day!

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the daily bubble

Ben and I recently watched a movie in which (completely unrelated to the main plot of the movie) this family does something each day called “the daily bubble”—basically, this couple and their young daughter create a big soap bubble and count the seconds until it pops. So yesterday, on our way back from froyo for possibly the second time in the last three days, we popped into a dollar store on a whim and picked up a bottle of bubbles. And what began as a fun family activity meant for Allie’s benefit quickly turned into a mad science project of Ben’s to create THE. PERFECT. BUBBLE. So Allie and I just chilled on our blanket enjoying the sunshine, watching the perfectionist at work.

Other highlights from this week:

  • Allie’s top four teeth are all pretty much out! They are moving at different paces, but this teething cycle certainly struck with force.
  • The day after our family hike, we went back for a family picnic! It was so awesome! Allie wore her shades almost the whole time and enjoyed a lunch of a couple of her favorites, chicken and watermelon.

  • Allie has started dancing. How awesome is that? She rocks back and forth to—you guessed it—”What Does the Fox Say?” and smiles. So freaking adorable. (I had a video to embed, but I can’t figure out how to upload to YouTube without making it searchable. Boo.)
  • She continues to wave at EVERYONE. Like, random strangers who aren’t even looking at her. She just waves and waves and occasionally finishes off by clapping, almost as if she’s applauding her awesome waving skills.
  • She also continues to sleep solely on her tummy. When I put her in her crib, I can’t even get her sleep sack zipped up before she’s rolled over.
  • Crawling update: Still not happening, and we’re okay with that. But she does desperately flex and straighten her legs with her little bum in the air, scooting around in a circle on her belly to get things she wants.
  • Things Allie is especially loving lately:
    • Vacuums (unflinching eyes glued in the direction of any vacuuming, with no attention to spare for, say, eating)
    • Ceiling fans (half fear, half fascination)
    • Playing airplane (flying on my feet)
    • Cats and dogs (loud squeals every time she sees one)
    • Fruit (she lives for watermelon and grapes)
    • Her quiet book pages (so speedily sent to us by Chelsea)
    • Froyo (don’t tell, but I let her have some of my watermelon sorbet)
    • Pressing buttons (like the “yellow” button on this play center we have… over and over again)
    • Knocking down anything that is stacked up (the main motivator we’re using to help her learn to crawl)

In short, we are having so much fun with Allie these days! She is so giggly and goofy, with more and more personality coming out every day. But I am sort of terrified for when she starts crawling…

sunshine and lost willpower

A bunch of random, somewhat connected thoughts and news today:

Sunshine is my favorite

Yesterday we went for a HIKE (well, sort of—more accurately, a stroll). As in, out in nature. Wearing short sleeves. It was amazing. There were a ton of people out walking, biking, skateboarding, or just lying on the grass having picnics and reading books. This is what happiness is made of, my friends! I’m hoping the weather stays nice, but in any case, my goal is to spend as much time outside as possible.

Date night number two!

We left Allie a second time! I realize how lame this all sounds to people without kids or people with kids who don’t have control/attachment/clinginess issues. But it’s a big deal for me! Ben and I went for a long-overdue visit to the local temple, and apparently Allie slept soundly without making a noise! I am slowly but surely becoming more comfortable with leaving her with family. However, I’ll probably need another three or four years before I let random people babysit her.

The most interesting thing I’ve read all week

I just happened across this fascinating post/infographic that compares death tolls from various events and causes throughout history. Super interesting and insightful. I really did not have an accurate concept of some of these. Second most interesting award goes to the first two chapters of Waterfall, the first book in the River of Time series that my cousin recommended to me. She said she liked it better than the Hunger Games and Divergent trilogies, so I will keep you all posted! We ordered it along with The Maze Runner, which Ben will be reading first.

I recant my earlier statement

So… remember how proud of myself I was that I managed to not buy the anchor cardigan at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet? Well, yeah, about that. The other day we decided to take another venture to the outlets since the weather was so much nicer (and since they are literally just 20 minutes away), and I decided to duck back into the Tommy outlet, just to check things out. Guess what was still there, still the only one in my size. This time my willpower wasn’t so strong. And, as I left with the anchor cardigan I suddenly decided I was destined to own, the guy who checked us out (and had last week, as well) called, “See you next week!” Oh gosh. NO MORE SHOPPING. For a while.

No boxes in the apocalypse

But, speaking of addictions, a fellow box-lover shared this Washington Post article yesterday about the subscription box craze. If you’ve been sitting there thinking, “This girl is seriously obsessed with surprise boxes,” this article may help shed some light on the why. It’s a whole community of addicts. Except instead of support groups to help us break our addictions, we have support groups to enable them. It’s kind of crazy, now that I think about it.

I really have been thinking a lot about how pointless all the things are that I love to buy. Ben and I were discussing survival tactics for various apocalyptic scenarios the other day (in part because I only got “three months” to Ben’s “indefinitely” on the How Long Would You Survive in a Zombie Apocalypse? quiz), and the thought occurred to me I’d be better spending my time learning how to start fires and identify plant life than, say, online shopping. But it’s really hard to just completely change what excites and motivates you in life. I’m hoping it will be easier once we’ve settled in wherever our new location is. Or not. Stay tuned, I guess!

things that made me cry this weekend

Not that there’s much that doesn’t make me cry! I am such a crier. I wasn’t always this way; I remember realizing at some point in high school that I hadn’t cried in over a year. Things definitely changed as I got older! It doesn’t take me much to get teary these days, and new mom hormones (can I still blame those?) certainly don’t help the matter. This weekend a few things just sent me over the edge:

  • Frozen: So, crazy as this is, I hadn’t seen Frozen until this weekend. I was fighting it a bit because everyone loved it and I always hate bandwagons until I’m on them… But I loved this movie so much!! I literally cried about 10 times during it. Watching it (without Allie, given our no-TV-before-age-2 rule) made me (somewhat ironically) so excited to watch it with Allie when she’s older and can go princess-crazy. I also might have said to Ben, seeing the relationship between Elsa and Anna, that Allie needs a sister… (This is NOT an announcement!)
  • General Conference: My church (for those of you who aren’t members) has a televised conference twice a year with talks by our church leaders. I have definitely seen my spirituality diminish with my stress and sleep deprivation over the past few months, and this was a much-needed spiritual boost. Several of the talks as well as an in-between segment (about a family forgiving the man who killed their mom while driving) touched my heart and moved me to tears. I feel very motivated to be more positive, loving, productive, and grateful, despite the challenges of our current transitory state.
  • Sorting baby clothes: Allie continues to grow like a very beautiful weed (or maybe just a flower), and I’ve been meaning to go through her clothes and pack up anything too small. I finally did this the other night, and it was probably the socks that set me off. THEY ARE SO LITTLE! I remembered how small she was just a few months ago, and I suppose I cried because I realized she’ll only get bigger, and those days are gone. But I also cried because seeing how much she’s grown made me think of who she’ll grow to be. I’m basically obsessed with her. Sigh.

This week is supposed to be lovely and warm, and I am looking forward to (a) another date night with Ben (if all goes as planned), (b) my POPSUGAR April and Special Edition Resort boxes *hopefully* shipping, and (c) starting either the River of Time or Maze Runner series. Both first books are on their way, and I suppose I’ll let Ben start on one while I read the other. I am feeling so reenergized by spring, even with its temperamental comings and goings. Yay!

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